"our story"

Middletown Historical Society is a volunteer based non-profit organization

our Story

The Middletown Historical Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit educational organization, founded in 1976. Our mission is to preserve the history of the town, investigate all aspects of past records & new findings pertaining to the history, promote education and preserve historical landmarks while providing the ability for others to view. The Society's purpose is to bring together those people interested in Middletown's history and to safeguard our rapidly disappearing heritage in order to insure a record of the past. Middletown Historical is over seen by a 10 member Board of Directors, 4 elected Society Officers - President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary, along with a 10 member Standing Committee. The Society's office & museum is located in Paradise School, at Paradise Valley Park in Middletown, RI. Monthly Board meetings occur the 1st Tuesday of every month at the office & are open to all Members.

Society Officers

President Mr. Gary Paquette
Vice President Ms. Mary Dennis

Treasurer Ms. M. Theresa Santos
Recording and Corresponding Secretary Ms. Christina Alvernas

Ms. Christina Alvernas
Ms. M. Theresa Santos
Ms. Patricia Connors
Ms. Mary Dennis
Mr. Charles DiTucci
Mr. William Nedderman
Ms. Betty Jane Owen
Mr. Gary Paquette
Ms. Mary Redgate
Ms. Mary Clark
Open Seat

Ms. Mary Redgate - Archives
Mr. William Nedderman - Buildings & Grounds
Ms. Mary Dennis - Volunteers
Ms. Mary Clark - Education
Mr. Gary Paquette - Lectures
Ms. Patricia Connors - Membership
Ms. Lisa Wardlow - Newsletters
Ms. Mary Dennis - Publicity
Mr. Charles DiTucci - Cemeteries & Stone Walls

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Join the Society and help preserve the past, create new future discoveries, support educational events and more. Middletown Historical Society is a
non-profit organization with a volunteer only staff. Memberships help create new opportunities and safeguard/provide upkeep of current entities.